Maintenance Services

At Twenty Creek Landscaping, we provide comprehensive maintenance services designed to keep your outdoor spaces lush, healthy, and beautiful. From routine grass cutting to specialized arborist reports and irrigation system management, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of landscape maintenance. Explore our full range of services below, including garden bed maintenance, seasonal clean-ups, and enhancements like mulching and seeding, to ensure your property always makes a great first impression.


Grass Cutting

Keep your lawn pristine and healthy with our professional grass cutting services. Regular mowing promotes growth and enhances the overall appearance of your outdoor space, ensuring your grass is always neatly trimmed and tidy.

Garden Bed Maintenance

Maintain the beauty and health of your garden beds with our comprehensive maintenance services. We take care of weeding, pruning, and general upkeep to ensure your plants and flowers thrive throughout the seasons.


Boost the health of your lawn and plants with our targeted fertilization services. We use premium fertilizers to enrich your soil, promoting robust growth and vibrant color in your landscape.

Weed Spray

Protect your garden from unwanted invaders with our effective weed control services. Our safe and efficient spraying techniques ensure that weeds are eliminated, allowing your plants to flourish without competition.


Ensure your landscape remains vibrant and lush with our advanced irrigation solutions. At Twenty Creek Landscaping, we specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of high-efficiency irrigation systems tailored to meet the unique needs of your garden and climate conditions. From water-conserving drip systems to full-coverage sprinkler setups, our experts provide everything you need to maintain optimal moisture levels effortlessly, all year round.

Snow Removal

Stay safe and keep your property accessible during the winter months with our reliable snow removal services. At Twenty Creek Landscaping, we provide prompt and efficient snow clearing for driveways, parking lots, and walkways, ensuring you and your visitors can move freely and safely, no matter the weather. Trust us to handle the heavy lifting when the snow falls, so you can focus on your day without disruption.

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